Back To The Bus Future

It’s good there is an attempt to fix the inadequate shelter situation, but spending on energy to heat these badly designed shelters could be reduced significantly if they were insulated and shatter proof on the side away from the street, and had a DOOR. Ottawa’s heated shelters outside malls have doors. So many of Regina’s shelters are not wheelchair accessible, why not put a manual door on these 4 at least, to keep more of the heat in?

The Mayor, only a year ago, was attempting to remove ALL shelters from 11th Ave. so it’s rich that he’d appear at this photo-op. Also, Transit in Regina improves in spite of what City Council is doing, not because of it.

Also, the story should note that the Mayor in the video is incorrect. These are not the first heated shelters in the province. The first were installed, then removed (to save money/spite the homeless and transit riders) several decades ago on 12th Ave.

Overall, good news about the new shelters, Google, and mechanics on their way. Hopefully the new Bus Barn gets built soon too. It sure beats vinyl pictures.


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