Less Than 1% Safe

It’s very disturbing that fewer than 5km of End Of Life Asbestos Cement water pipes have been lined in 6 years, while we have over 500km of the stuff waiting to be changed to something less toxic.

All of those water main breaks don’t surprise Coun. Barbara Young, whose ward covers Whitmore Park and Hillsdale. She said the issue often comes up with residents in the area. She wonders at what point the city should invest in infrastructure upgrades over patchwork repairs, which she said suck city resources.

The city is currently working on a master plan for its water system that will evaluate the city’s most vulnerable areas, which need the most attention, and how to go about preventing water main breaks in the future.

“Do we have enough resources to do replacement (everywhere)? Pretty difficult to do that,” said Fougere, citing the city’s $2-billion infrastructure deficit.

What does the Mayor and Councillor Young plan to do to make our drinking water safe well into the future?


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