General Parking Problem

The Leader Post is calling for more single occupant vehicle infrastructure in already car-friendly Regina. A parkade at the General Hospital comes with the obvious problem that it costs a lot ($30,000+/stall), and displaces existing parking during its construction.

To fix that displacement, the presently half-hearted park-and-ride shuttle run by the Health Region could be fixed, so it runs at required hours to serve people working on shifts (24/7?), and free up enough spots on the streets for residents, and for staff who want to juggle their cars, cruising for parking every 2 hours.

This problem can also be traced to City Hall, where their support of an effective city Transit system is not visible. They’ve uploaded the cost of this service to the Province, who must then spend money on reinventing a transit system specifically for staff. This specialized and limited bus service isn’t efficient, because it doesn’t even let the public use it, so it runs empty.

An effective transit service would solve two problems. Staff would have a safe escort to their vehicles, and vehicles won’t have to crowd into the residential General Hospital neighbourhood.


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