Regina Transit Day Passes Still Need Impovement

I’ve spent years now asking Regina Transit to catch up to OC Transpo’s Day Pass system available in 2002, 12 years ago now. The technology is on all Regina buses even, just the software hasn’t been made suitable for printing day pass tickets.

I do not accept this answer, it’s not the end of the story. Technology can be changed, especially software. What is the holdup?

I sent this to Tourism Saskatchewan in hopes that they’d wield more influence, and advocate on behalf of tourists in our city:

Regina Transit offers day passes, but only for sale at their transit office. This isn’t ideal for tourists, as they should be able to buy them using the transfer ticket printers on all buses. Could you please work with Regina Transit to fix this? Ottawa has had day passes for sale using similar technology on buses since 2002.

John Klein


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