Brick By Brick

When I was a young boy, maybe 8, I visited a friend at his farm. While our parents visited inside, my friend and I worked from the late afternoon until the sunlight failed us, moving a neatly stacked pile of bricks behind the garage, around to the lawn where I’d envisioned us arranging them into an awesome fort. When my parents decided it was time to leave, our building project was incomplete. My friend’s parents were not too pleased about all of our industrious brick moving, and the new pile in the wrong spot.

Filmmaker: Connaught

This past Sunday, I got to help atone for my brick moving sins a little, by helping society remove some misplaced bricks at the Regina landfill. They are what remains of the Connaught School. They’ll go into making some nice community infrastructure, instead of providing a base for an ever climbing pile of waste.


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