#YQRcc Budget

The next City Budget is underway, and I don’t even have to look at it to know that it will do exactly jack-squat to address the most serious issue facing civilization: climate change. While Saskatoon moves to address its buildings’ inefficiencies, what will Regina do to make our public buildings Net Zero energy consumers?


  • We should start charging businesses using the City’s snow dump site.
  • The Stadium II project should yield a building that produces as much electricity as it consumes.
  • Active transportation like cycling and Transit need serious funding, instead of focusing on pot-hole free streets for cars only. What’s under the surface is even more important, as 500km of our water supply pipes are aging, End-Of-Life Asbestos Cement (AC).
  • New subdivisions being built without community centres like schools, libraries, and “Community Centres” (AKA Halls), are sapping our City for money while 60 year old neighbourhoods are not being kept up like most people would expect from a First World nation.
  • Public water and wastewater bills will go up so long as we continue to focus on flushing our waste nutrients into the closest surface water system.
  • Fix the Para Transit system so it doesn’t refuse thousands of ride requests every month. Last Winter Councilor Hawkins said let’s wait and see if it gets better after talking to the Provincial government. Well, it’s 2015 approaching, so what have his buddies in the Sask Party government done with him to fix Regina’s Para Transit in the past year?


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