Senior City Planner Moves to Development Company #YQRcc

It seems like only last week the province lost a senior cabinet minister once responsible for oil development, to the big oil lobby. This week the City of Regina loses its senior planner to a top property development corporation in the city.

I’ve met Jason, and he seems like a nice enough fellow. He even remembers my name, and says hi when he sees me. I’ve still got to criticize this move. There may be no underhanded business in this switch, but it just doesn’t pass an appearance test. It’s a little bit like having a Mayor be the former head of the construction lobby. Everyone should question if laws and development of the city is being, and has been, done with as little conflict of interest as possible.

I mentioned this story to a passer by, and their immediate reaction was, “That’s a conflict of interest”.

It might be a great “career move”. Maybe he’ll be happier, and make more money, etc. What this doesn’t do is raise his reputation amongst people who are already skeptical about the City of Regina’s independence from wealthy property development corporations who appear to call shots in this town like they were exposed in Calgary.


Said Brent Sjoberg, Deputy City Manager & COO, “While we’ll miss Jason’s leadership, he will continue to play a strong role in our community through this next stage of his career.”

No kidding, eh?


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