Transit Fares Going Up, Same Old Service

It’s frustrating seeing a City Council who 10/11ths don’t use Transit at all, deciding to make it more difficult for more people to ride the bus. Adult fares will be at $2.75 when cash is used after January 1, 2015. This slows down boarding buses too with extra coins for cash payers to load into a coin slot that easily jams.

I was also asked how far behind our service is, and sadly in ways it’s over a decade behind. One easy example is being unable to buy a day-pass on buses, even though there are ticket printers on them for the past two years. This sort of technology has been used on Ottawa OC Transpo buses since 2002 or earlier.

The good news is that some fixes are inexpensive. The fare hike would pay for all of these ideas. It’s more likely the Mayor will plunder the fare box revenue for other projects in the City though, and starve Transit a little more of the money it needs to improve.


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