#iBusYQR 2014 #Transit Challenge

Again, Councillor Fraser has made an effort to interest Reginans and fellow Councilors to try using transit for about a week, so they can learn if it works for them, and if not why not. The resulting information could be used by Regina Transit to improve bus service around our city. Well, I don’t think there are too many takers this time, but there are at least a few downtown workers giving it a whirl, and it seems to be working out for them.

Announced just before this challenge, was a push to raise bus fares by ~21% within only a couple years. Considering ridership is already way under where everyone would like it to be, increasing the price people pay at the fare box is a stupid move. Since the Mayor isn’t stupid, one must conclude it’s a conscious effort to suppress the number of people willing using Transit.


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