Regina Library Consultations

Tonight kicked off consultations set to restart in September after the Summer holidays.
Presentations focused on what Libraries can become, have been, and look like inside and out.
There is a skepticism to overcome after the last failed Library renovation plan was made without public consultation.

I work in a library every day, answering technology questions, but I am not a traditional library staff person, in that I don’t deal with books or reference questions or services.

Speaking as a library and computer technology expert, ebooks have significant issues to overcome.

Ebooks can be easily censored. I’ve never checked an eBook out of the library in large part to them requiring DRM and proprietary software. People with low technology skills have great difficulty using them, and have no ability to protect themselves from censorship carried out through electronic removal of eBook access.

Note that I’ve seen this happen:
Libraries are sometimes reorganized to justify jobs of administrators, and not out of a community driven desire for change. Some changes of this nature work out anyway. Others are done to use up a budget, or justify the size of an existing one, so it is more likely to be granted again.

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