[2] Days Without A Break-in

It’s more than a little disconcerting to wake up at 4am to the sound of someone trying to climb into your kitchen window. This was the sound that startled my girlfriend awake, and she was able to tell it wasn’t an insignificant noise made by the cats. My heart leaped into my throat as she started yelling from the living room at the intoxicated man awkwardly trying to push his way through the torn window screen. I raced around the corner of the hallway, envisioning grabbing a weapon to defend us from an intruder. A vision of the armed intruder scene in the movie Sixth Sense flashed across my brain.

In the end, the drunkard left after muttering some unjustified bad words to my girlfriend who’d scared him away, and the police responded in short minutes since they were a few blocks away already looking for this (young, white) guy. Obviously he’d scared someone else too before he got into our back-yard, and almost into our window.

Break and Enter attempt. Police caught the guy.

The now very awake us, and children, calmed down sufficiently over the next hour to get back to sleep. Not a typical Saturday night, but one having us considering a better fence, and others even mentioning window bars (which I feel would be an over-reaction). The worst thing is that this isn’t the first time my girlfriend has had to scare away a window-intruder, at different addresses (in different cities).

Keeping a sense of humour is important, so yesterday I mentioned that we could hang a sign up noting it’s been [2] Days without a break-in. The Simpsons’ [0] Days without a tornado, sign probably inspired my brain for that actually-not-funny joke.

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