Cleaning the Sidewalk Slate and Transit Mistake #YQRcc

Dear City Clerk,
I didn’t have time before noon today to write a presentation. I hope this can be included in your agenda so I may raise these important concerns with Council on Monday.

Regarding the downtown plan that mentions a “dual street transit hub”, SaskTel should be consulted immediately. There are signs on the brick wall on Lorne St. asking vehicles to turn off their engines.

Unless there’s a plan to convert Regina Transit’s fleet to non-emitting electric or hydrogen fuel cells, it would seem to be a bad idea to have buses idling on Lorne St. This is not a problem, because it’s better to have all of the buses on 11th Ave. anyway, where there is the possibility of shelter and amenities like hot coffee a few steps away. You also won’t find a Transit user who thinks it’s a good idea to catch connecting buses on Lorne St. instead of where they presently are.

Regarding the Local Improvement Plan, I think it’s time City Council started including the repairs of public sidewalks in property taxes. Citizens of Regina expect this shared infrastructure to be paid for by taxes. The unlucky thousands with streets that have not been maintained for decades, should not get surprise $8000 invoices, then have important street repairs they already paid for on their taxes held hostage if they don’t pay up. That’s not just. It gives people the impression that they are being double billed for the repair of their streets. It could easily cause some less well off areas of the city to resent the others that can afford the repairs, since fair property assessments are not meaningfully impacting the LIP frontage price.

Saskatoon switched a long time ago to do away with their LIP. Including the price of LIP in property taxes is more fair, because people paying taxes get a better idea of what it costs to live in their city.

On a slightly related sidewalk matter, the roads and sidewalk gutters are also dirty with litter, notes an observant six year old boy who asked me to tell you to clean it up, or he will with “a garbage bag.and gloves”. I hope City Council can think of some strategies to clean up litter, so little boys don’t have to take it upon themselves to clean up our city’s mess.


To fail to protect a cemetery is a failure to protect history that the City Council excels at.


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