Searching for Sidewalks

In Regina, where the City doesn’t pay for sidewalks (see LIP, or this fun lawsuit), it’s not easy to find them in some areas. There’s no sidewalk to the Airport. There’s also no sidewalk in most of the pedestrian nightmare-ville known as Victoria Ave. East. and Quance Street.

Now that snow and ice is melting away from Regina’s sidewalks, a group of citizens is surveying the pathways to see how accessible they actually are.

On Thursday afternoon, members of the concrete and sidewalk committee, part of the Regina Citizens’ Public Transit Coalition, took to Regina’s Quance Street to document missing sidewalks.

“(The city) asked us to form a sub-committee to offer areas that need renovation,” said Terri Sleeva, chair of the coalition. “We’re just in the beginning. It’s a big job and we’re going to do something about it. Whether they listen to us or not is a different story.”

Perhaps telling of the condition of the area, wheelchair-user Sleeva waited in a vehicle while Maureen Eckstein, Erika Baron, and Jim Elliott walked eastward on Quance starting at Coleman Street – an area that doesn’t actually have a sidewalk.

There are not even parking meters in the vicinity from which valuable funds could come from people driving to the area, to rejuvenate the amenities. That would also depend on City Council assigning meter revenue to the area of the city from which it’s collected, so as to not use downtown’s meter revenue for general expenses related to sprawl.


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