#Transit Study Calls for Improved Shelters #YQRcc

“The City receives $605,000 per year from advertising on the buses.”
-This should be used to purchase a bus to the Airport next year, and a new bus each of the following years.

– Improved shelters that have doors and are heated in the Winter will be a great improvement. Another overlooked human element downtown includes access to water and washroom facilities. The Cornwall Centre washrooms are not very convenient for transit users, and there are no drinking fountains or even drink vending machines close to where people wait for buses.

– Temporary bus stop signs could be put up on Wascana Parkway south of Kramer Blvd. by next week, to let dozens of riders per day off hundreds of meters closer to where they want to board and disembark the #3. I made a request for this stop location many months ago, and the City never got back to me with a status report of why it’s not been completed, or inexcusably refused, so I could follow up.

I say it’s unthinkable that a stop request at that location can’t be accommodated, because there are identical stops at Wascana Parkway and 23rd Ave, and have been for decades. Two years ago during the repair of University Dr. south and Wascana Parkway, temporary stops were set up on Wascana Parkway only 50m from where I’d like to see them now.

– When will the R-Card and Leisure Card be combined? I see City Hall has added another RFID card to its main floor, why was this done to further fracture the access cards in use by the City at one time?

– When will Regina Transit sell Day Passes on the buses using the ticket printers? Ottawa had this technology in 2002. In 2002 Windows XP was 1 year old, and it’s being retired 6 days from now. Will Regina catch up before Windows 8 is put out to pasture?

– Will the TransitLive City App be given a hand warming feature for those checking their smart phones in Winter for when the next bus might come by?

– What is a “dual street transit hub” planned for Lorne St.? If it means transfers are taking place on both 11th Ave. and Lorne St. I won’t be able to see if my bus is there to transfer to it. There are only brick walls, and no services on that street

– Security should be provided from the RPS budget. An officer or two should be assigned to travel by Transit, and walk/bike downtown. Having our police mostly in cars, isolated from citizens they are intended to serve, is not creating a good working environment for them, nor does it give citizens the opportunity to positively interact with the RPS.

– Layover time for a bus needs to be where the driver can use washroom facilities, or pick up food.

– Adding smaller, less durable buses to downtown will create more transfers, and make the transit system less useful overall.

– The Province should be asked to provide whatever money it’s spending on the RQHA shuttle buses, to be used for Regina Transit buses that perform the same route, but allow citizens to help pay for the service with their fares.

– Turn Hamilton St. into a bike street like Smith St. and Lorne St., but use Saskatoon’s Better Bike Lane plan and move parking into the middle lane so bikes can be safer next to the sidewalk. Upgrade with Smart Parking Meters so this is possible.

– A new parking structure will cram more cars into downtown, increasing congestion downtown on streets at rush hour as those vehicles come and go. Is this the Mayor’s plan for congestion downtown? Really? Chad Novak endorsed the idea of more parking structures downtown at the Executive Council meeting today.

Note that 11th Ave. is an “important retail street” because it is well served by Transit, not in spite of it.

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