Lawson Scandal #YQRcc

A useful summary of the problems around the Lawson Acquatic Centre, by Tammy Robert:

“I’ve got a stack of info here showing kids with no pre-existing condition & who are not elite athletes were hospitalized.”
“there’s definitely at least one serious incident on file in the #yqr mayor’s office.”
“I’m seeing that RQHR initially wouldn’t meet with parents after that advisory at the request of the club’s BofD.”

“Did #yqr police chief Hagen seriously think he could sit around and mull this over for 2 weeks & it wouldn’t get out? Really??”

“Throughout the course of 2013, significant, alarming concerns were raised by #yqr swim club (board & parents) about health, safety of kids.”
“The City of Regina, RQHR & Ministry of Health heard the concerns. Out of one side of their mouths the club’s B of D howled for a fix.”
“But on other side, there was no way anyone was shutting down the #yqr swim club. Where would future Olympians train? & All. That. Revenue.”
“With little action, parents got angry, & divisive over future of #yqr swim club. Concerns over finances compounded pressure on club B of D.”

“Why has Swim Saskatchewan refused to allow provincial meets in the facility, but hasnt stopped #yqr kids/RODSC from training there?”

UPDATE: The police officer is the brother of a Dolphins rep.

UPDATE II: Police Inspector resigns in disgrace.


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