What A Waste

The City of Regina’s not going to provide cost savings for Regina residents living in multi-family dwellings. Instead of integrating the recycling load from apartments and condos into the stream already being collected from single family dwellings, they are making individual property managers arrange and collect payment for it from other recyclers.

Other recyclers, by the way, were left out of the deal the City made with Loraas Disposal a year ago. This has left the other recyclers with a huge cut in customers for over a year, before the City aims to decree on Thursday that it will require tens of thousands of people to become customers on News Years Day, 2015.

Additionally, the Big Blue Bins are being wasted; left as paper-only bins. The facility exists now to collect metal, plastic, paper, and glass in those bins, but the City wants to stall until the end of next year before deciding to re-examine the use of the Big Blue Bins. If changed now, they’d provide city-wide recycling before New Years Day next year.

3. That Administration brings forward a report in the fall of 2015, reviewing the Big Blue Bin (BBB) program and its relevance alongside a fully-implemented City-wide residential recycling program.


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