City Giving LIP to Homeowners #YQRcc

The bill is unfair, and it’s not the only one. Cathedral Dr. is also being fixed, and it doesn’t have a sidewalk, but homeowners are being charged close to $4000 to repair the street. This should be covered by property taxes.

It’s not fair for the City to collect property taxes on these homes to maintain streets and sidewalks and then levy another bill for thousands of dollars to repair sidewalks (that aren’t even there in the case of Cathedral Dr.). Homeowners at the very least should be permitted to contract the work out for less than the City’s quote, or do the work properly themselves.

As it stands, homeowners will have to circulate a petition to stop the work entirely, and the street won’t get fixed for another year because the City’s fixated on doing it only while double-billing homeowners for the same street maintenance property taxes are supposed to pay for.

ADDED: “McKee Cres. has not been repaired since 1961. There are 6 buses a day that currently (and for the past 5 years, that I know of) travel down the street and cause much damage. Property taxes are obviously being mismanaged if 52 years of taxes cannot cover the costs of repaving/repairs once!

The residents of this street should block off both ends and start
charging tolls to non-residents that use it in order to offset any
future repairs.”


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