#YQRcc Budget Passes – No Help For Para #Transit

Last night City Council made some last minute changes to the budget, but nothing for the many delegates who presented needed changes.

Councillor Fraser made an admirable attempt to pressure the provincial government to cease their grotesque underfunding of the paratransit system, but 8 Councillors voted against the plan to purchase 1 bus contingent upon the province providing 2 more to reduce the thousands of rejected ride requests each month. I think Council’s handling of this issue is cruel, and disgraceful.

“This is a problem in our city, right now, and we can’t wait for politics to sort it out a few years down the road,” said Fraser.

Here was my presentation.

The City’s woefully underfunded Transit system has incurred a well deserved lawsuit for operating unsafe buses.

“The road evidence showed significant unusual skid marks specific to the left rear brake,” Stinnen wrote in her report. “It indicated the rear left brake was not operational which would have caused the bus to veer to the right and leave the roadway.”
Stodalka said, on reviewing that report, that “It’s our opinion that there’s little doubt that the city of Regina is negligent in failing to properly repair the brakes.”

This appears to contradict what Deputy City Manager Brent Sjoberg told CBC in September.
“The brakes were not the cause or a contributing factor to the accident,” he said then.

I don’t like liars, especially ones covering up for mismanagement of my city’s transit budget.

Jim Holmes was also at the meeting, criticizing the reporting in the budget of the WWTP spending, as well as the high base rate for water service.

Councillor Murray actually said, “The solution to pollution is dilution.”

Why were there a flurry of “fat trimming” motions to lower the 7% to 5.88% at the last minute? I think Councillor Flegel covered that in his rambling summary of what was going on.


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