Winter Bike Transparency

I don’t Winter cycle too much, but it is fun when I do it. With good tires, and careful steering, it sure beats the speed of walking and is a great workout.

The surprising thing for many people is that it’s not cold if you dress properly. Think about people who go sledding and go much faster while doing less work, do they get cold?


City Council meets today and might reduce the amount of time citizens have to speak truth to power. At the same meeting they’ll also be changing bylaws so they can borrow $100M from Saskatchewan taxpayers at an interest rate higher than one quoted earlier. Over 30 years, that higher rate means millions of dollars more for Reginans to pay back if we build the new stadium.

While borrowing $100M, could we use 0.6% of that to get a bus to the airport already? It’s 2014 and other cities are going to start snickering at us.


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