SaskPower Inspiring People In The Past

SaskPower recently celebrated its 85th anniversary. Last year I suggested they have a party with the observation deck being made available to the public again, as it was intended when the building was constructed downtown.

“…going out on the observation deck on the 13th floor, it was thrilling. It really confirmed in my mind that I wanted to be an architect.” – Bernard Flaman (Provincial Heritage Architect)

No word from SaskPower about the obervation deck opening idea. I guess future architects will have to look elsewhere for inspiration.

“Our long-term plan calls for investments of $1 billion per year to renew and replace the power grid so we can support the province’s economic momentum,” said Watson.

It’s a little worrying that the SaskPower CEO sounds like an echo of a SaskParty Minister. I’d prefer the president of the power crown utility should be concerned that his preferred generation technique is a contributor to smog, climate change, and early death of thousands of people a year.

Failing that concern, maybe he’d at least open the former public observation deck, of the public’s crown utility, to the public again.

Also disappointing is the closure of the Legislative Building dome’s observation deck.

Public buildings should be open to the public again. There are generations of people who’ve not seen them, and felt they are a part of viewing the city as their parents and grandparents could.


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