Rail Against Rails

Farmers are saying their grain isn’t being moved to port, in favour of increased crude-oil-by-train shipments.

I think the farmers have a point. Also, people get put behind grain and oil on railway priorities, causing Via delays. The solution is to stop holding our transportation system back in the 20th century, and start building high capacity railways including high speed rail networks for people in Canada and linking northern cities in the USA.

Part of the reason we’re not seeing progress on this front is that railways are owned by private companies now not looking out for the public good.

Rail service could be a question period issue when Parliament resumes sitting next week.

The Grain Growers of Canada has sent a letter to Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz . . . saying more grain has to move to port.

It says farmers are frustrated because elevators can’t get enough cars from the railways to move a record crop to export position. This is translating into lost sales and a serious cash flow issue for many farmers.


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