Changes to #Transit Times and Map in #YQR

The Regina Transit map and schedule is changing again on January 12th, 2014.

Transit stop

One change greatly needed, but not listed, is a route change to the #3 that serves the UofR and SIAST. There are no stops in the 2.1km between the two. This is absurd. I requested a few stops be installed between the two time points, but so far nothing has been done. Transit drivers are only occasionally honouring my Night Stop request for service between the two points on Wascana Parkway.

Here’s an alternate fix that would make me happy. Send the #3 down Kramer Blvd. like it used to, but turn it south on Hillsdale St. Then at Parker Ave. have the bus turn east, and it will curve around to north again onto Centennial St. This will serve hundreds of people and add no significant time to the route. It could be implemented immediately at some times of the day without impacting the time point at SIAST. At most there would be 4 additional stops added:

  1. In front of Hillsdale Baptist Church.
  2. After Pells, on Parker, where there is no parking allowed anyway.
  3. On Centennial St. after the curve, and again near Munroe Pl., where there is no parking allowed anyway.
  4. There are two existing stops on the north side of Kramer Blvd. that would again have #3 service, as would stop #0269 in front of McDonalds.

If Regina Transit doesn’t make this change, I expect to see two or four new stops show up on Wascana Parkway in the construction season.

ADDED: I appeared in the latest Metro about this subject.


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