#DesignRegina Approved at #YQRcc

After listening to my comments about Design Regina and community gardens, the City Council passed the OCP.

Also up for discussion was SomerSet beside the Upgrader. It touches Uplands, I think. Four Councillors voted against it due to air quality concerns; Bryce, Findura, Fraser, and one other I forget, maybe Hawkins who had questions about the caveat not yet written for the land titles to be sold.

Would Fougere buy there?
Conveniently he’s not planning to sell his home, so doesn’t have to answer that…

I also made a comment in the Minutes of the meeting, expressing an objection to giving a tax exemption to land owned by Suncor, one of the world’s most profitable corporations. Subsidizing parking lots leads to less money for Transit, and cheaper car ownership. The RTSC is not a school technically, as the City admits, which is why it must seek an exemption. If an exemption is not granted, there would still be the opportunity for the “school” to charge people for parking, to easily pay the tax that should be levied for the surface parking.

We could think about why so many Councillors leaped to defend this exemption, instead of seeking a little extra tax money owed. Remember that next time they say things are too tight to consider a project you’re hoping the City will invest in, or when they raise your property tax next year.

(The Mayor declared a conflict of interest, and properly excused himself from the chamber for this issue. He didn’t elaborate what the conflict was, but one could assume a connection with those seeking the exemption.)

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