Parking Fine Increase #YQRcc

Monday night at 5:30pm –

Good evening Your Worship and City Council:
I’m John Klein, and am here representing myself, as a Regina Transit user, and a driver.

I’m in favour of the proposed increase to parking fines for violations outlined. I have a question about the Stopping in a Bus Stop fine. Does that include people who park in Bus Only lanes downtown on Broad and Albert Streets? I’d like to see that fine higher than $36, and see the City actively enforcing this bylaw with tow trucks, so buses are not frequently late as they are slowed down by weaving in and out of illegally parked vehicles. As buses are given their own dedicated lanes, overall traffic average speeds increase, meaning transit users and single occupant vehicle drivers get to where they are going faster.

Parking fines or even parking meter revenue should be earmarked to be spent in the area of the City in which they are given. Pasadena is a city that does this with meter revenue, and were able to revitalize their downtown business district using this technique.
I’m also eagerly awaiting the results of the long-ago ordered Parking Study, as it will help highlight the need for more money in the upcoming budget to go to Regina Transit for more buses. And I’m waiting for the implementation of the Mayor’s proposed Snow Routes which would also improve traffic flow and driving comfort during Winter.

Thank-you for your attention, and I’d be happy to answer questions.


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