#YQRcc and @MayorFougere “Investing in Transit Improvements”

“Fougere … stresses that the city is continuing to invest in transit improvements such as a route redesign completed earlier this year.

“The evidence of this success,” the mayor said, “is the nine per cent (ridership) increase last year and the growing increase this year.”

That was only 3 weeks ago.

A few days from now, the City is prepared to stop offering transit service entirely. Only in Regina does the Mayor consider shutting down transit, “invest[ing] in transit improvements”. Unlike street investments, buses don’t need to be closed during upgrades.

A transit strike or lockout will be an economic disaster for many people in our city, leaving some people stranded at home, unable to get to jobs, school, and medical appointments. Cabs cannot keep up; they don’t always come even when buses are running. People cannot all afford to go out and buy cars and get drivers licenses in the next few days to have a backup to the bus.

Transit stop

I’m very disappointed in the lackluster performance of our Mayor and Council on the transit contract issue. If you want to boast about investing in transit, put our money where your mouth is already and avoid an unwanted disruption to thousands of Reginans.

UPDATE: The Transit union and the City have come to a tentative agreement, and averted a lockout or strike.

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