John Klein, #Transit Advocate #YQRcc

Advocating for better transit in Regina isn’t altruistic, it’s self serving with collateral benefits for strangers.

While acknowledging Saskatchewan’s strong “car culture,” Regina Mayor Michael Fougere has doubts about a deep-seated aversion to transit among suburban residents.

He says many more people would take the bus if it were the most convenient option.

If social stigma isn’t keeping the upper crust off the bus, that means Regina City Council (#yqrcc) hasn’t made a desirable #transit system even they’d consider using while dragged under the public spotlight by Councillor Fraser’s 10 Days of Transit challenge to them.

Regina transit advocate John Klein argues that many people don’t ride buses because their routes are poorly designed and their operating hours are too short.

“The routes aren’t great because we don’t have many buses running,” said Klein, who relies on Regina Transit, cycling and a car-share program to get around.

Fougere, however, disagrees. He stresses that the city is continuing to invest in transit improvements such as a route redesign completed earlier this year.

“The evidence of this success,” the mayor said, “is the nine per cent (ridership) increase last year and the growing increase this year.”

I wonder how the 0% decrease-funding of #Transit by #yqrcc the last umpteen years, and the route changes this year, can be credited to the 9% increase in use last year? No additional buses added to a fleet with growing demand seems like a paltry, or non-existent “investment”.

It’s not my job to explain to the mayor how not to sound absurd, but I make it my hobby to point it out when it impinges upon my ability to get around our city.

(Also pleased I appeared on page 3, so I can be more like my newspaper hero, the late Ron Petrie, who called himself Third Page Boy.)


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