Riding Bus Alone At 4 Years Old #10DOT #YQRcc #YQR

The Prairie Dog caught a really strange rule on Regina Transit buses, and has a plausible explanation for why it’s there. Even better, they have a fix suggested, and it’s a really good one.

children under five who are traveling alone don’t ride for free, they have to pay the full youth fare.

Oh really? I’m surprised. I’d think the policy would be that if a child four years or younger tries to ride the bus unaccompanied by an adult, the bus driver would contact the police immediately! Or, you know, maybe not be so quick with closing the doors and wait a minute until the parents catch up.

I wonder when the last time a bus driver made an under 4 year old child pay youth fare was?

At some point in the coming months I expect the Administration will come back with a report on the Mayor’s bizarre plan to have free shuttles downtown so that full size, accessible, and durable buses won’t be allowed at the Cornwall Centre. At that time it would be nice if City Council instead instructs Transit to stop charging “youth” for using the bus. This would boost ridership greatly, and make Regina a much friendlier place for young people.

I’m bringing this all up on a day that is in the middle of Councillor Fraser’s 10 Days of Transit challenge, and there is zero bus service. That’s right, transit users are stranded on some holidays. It’s actually 9 Days of Transit, eh? Many routes also shut down at 5:30, and don’t even work on weekends too, so what’s a transit user to do? Most give up, and buy a car.

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