#10DOT Ten Days of Transit underway

About 9 in 10 Canadians have never used public transit. That’s shocking to me, and must change. The health of our cities and climate depend upon that change.

Councilor Fraser gets credit for attempting to educate himself about public transit, before facing a vote to significantly alter it in the way Mayor Fougere and Councillor Burnett want to. Remember 1:10 Canadians have tried the bus? There are 10 Councillors, so Fraser (statistically) will be the only to try it. You won’t see our Mayor on a bus unless it’s an ad on the back, even though he is fond of the small, short buses.

Fraser’s asked Council and all Reginans to try Regina Transit for ten days, so they can pass fair judgement, and constructive comments about it.

I tried issuing the same sort of challenge to City Council years ago in person at a meeting, but the Clerk told me it didn’t pertain to meeting business, so couldn’t be presented.
I emailed it through the website instead to the Councillors around the city.

One Councillor later told me they hadn’t remembered seeing it. My Councillor at the time, declined to try, thinking a lawyer couldn’t do his job on a bike or bus. I later sent him a photo of a Regina lawyer on a bike, in a suit.

The challenge was given with support of other Bike to Work Regina members, and was to raise several hundred dollars for charity if any participated. No money was raised. No Councillors became wiser about transit issues in their city. No joy in Reginaville.

Let’s hope the new people on Council are not sticks in the mud, and instead join Councillor Fraser. Prove my cynical, historically based prediction, terribly wrong. If they follow the Mayor’s lead, then Transit will get much worse in Regina very soon. It could be a disaster of lost opportunity if bus routes do not meet downtown at a common station.


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7 thoughts on “#10DOT Ten Days of Transit underway

  1. Your claim “About 9 in 10 Canadians have never used public transit.” can not be true. The reason for this is more than 10% of Canadians use public transit to get to work daily.

    “In Canada around 15.2% of work trips are done using public transportation”
    (Hollingworth et al., Urban transportation indicators: Fourth
    Survey. Transportation Association of
    Canada, 2010)

    “The Statistics Canada study found about 82 per cent of commuters traveled to work by car in 2010, while 12 per cent took public transit”

    “The proportion of Canadian commuters using public transit..11.0% in 2006”

    Can you cite the source of your claim?

    • I’ll go looking. It was a news source from about two years ago, and it is probably referenced on my other blog. It’s possible I rounded down the half human, in my head, since 1.2/10 or 1.5/10 is basically what I said anyway.

  2. Not really. It is misleading. 1.5/10 is people that use public transportation daily to get to work. I don’t know if daily ridership provides a fair representation of how many people have ‘used public transit’ before. Your comment infers only 10% of Canadians have ever tried it. I highly doubt only those that use it daily today are also the only ones that have tried it.

  3. Here in Toronto it looks like we’re getting a 3 station subway extension into Scarborough. It will takes years to build and will still leave 90% of Scarborough’s population without new rapid transit, just the tired old bus routes that already exist. Politics trumps common sense yet again. Federal, provincial, & municipal politics in Canada are failing us at every turn.

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