Hillsdale Walking #YQRcc

Here’s a list of fun projects for the City to tidy up. I emailed this to a Councillor I had the email address for, and if you agree (or disagree) with these, I welcome you to contact Service Regina or your Councillor with comments.

1 – street sweep Wascana Parkway bikelane southbound, by the new construction, and remove the Cyclists Detour sign before Hillsdale St. that has been there over a year.

2 – construct a permanent or temporary Multi-Use Path (MUP) bike lane through the tree nursery south of the Broad St. bridge to connect to Hillsdale St. near Robert’s Plaza. This would give cyclists (and pedestrians) a safe(r), direct route south rather than crossing 2 lanes of high speed vehicle traffic to make it to the Wascana Parkway bike lane (southbound).

Unfun projects to stop:

3 – Sticking with Wascana Parkway, I spoke with one other resident of Hillsdale, and they are not happy about the plan to install a fence to keep pedestrians the second priority on the street they use hundreds of times a day. I suspect this fence will violate some of the findings of the upcoming Transportation Master Plan (TMP), so delaying it until after then would be a partial win, so later the project to build a fence all the way around Hillsdale can be shut down completely. Want to make the neighbourhood more unwalkable? Wall it in, like Berlin (or Gaza). I’ve never tried walking out of Gaza before, but I picture it like walking out of Hillsdale, except here it’s with fewer armed checkpoints (and a lot colder).

The north pedestrian detour over crossing between intersections takes people 5 times farther than the 100m direct route from McNiven to the RIC steps. People crossing into College West, taking the south detour post-fence go from a 150m walk to almost 500m. This is like telling people to shop at Cornwall Centre only after having parked south of Victoria Ave. It’s humanly possible, but it’s a little inhumane in Winter. 4 extra blocks of walking, each way.

Note the grooves in the ground where people want to walk, sometimes called goat trails, other times known as “desire lines”.

4 – City made the CBC news today for failing to keep a railyard fence up, and the person in the story left in the comments that City or railyard staff lied about the fence’s status and the frequency with which it was checked for erectness. Hmm, when the Wascana Parkway Fence is damaged by throngs of people ignoring it, will the City continually spend time ‘fixing’ it? I’d like the fence money to go to an intersection improvement, not be wasted keeping people from getting to where they are going by foot.

Train underpass crossing is safer, but it also floods. Signs must go up promptly to give alternate routes when Spring flooding takes place.


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