The Republican Connection to #VoteNo #WWTP

You could say I’m less than thrilled that some of my tax money has been spent on the GOP’s election machine, known as Front Porch Strategies. (You read it here first, on my blog.) Jump right to the part of the recording where Front Porch Strategies is identified.

Then again, when hasn’t the City Council, City of Regina, and Chamber of Commerce’s campaign to compel citizens to choose ‘no’, not been completely contrary to constructive civics? That’s a convoluted way of saying they’ve been crooked, and their campaign was crappy.

I’m not the only one driven to alliteration, and into the arms of the Yes vote.

Paul sums things up nicely:

But when you have a series of public gaffes like these, people start to have doubts about their democratic institutions.

It starts to look like there are great big gaps in that firewall the Mayor claims has been raised between the clerk’s office and the No campaign and people start to wonder if they can trust their clerk’s office to run an election let alone a referendum — that’s why the audience booed Fougere so loudly.

It also starts to look like the No campaign can’t win the day on the basis of their logic and reasoning and have resorted to skullduggery. It starts to look like voters aren’t setting the direction for their city, something else — something sinister — is.

That doesn’t have to be the way things actually are. It’s bad enough when it just looks that way. Because that’s when you start hearing things like: “City council is in the hands of the developers,” or “The administration is really running the show downtown.”

And those are exactly the kinds of things I’ve been hearing.

That’s one big reason why I’m voting Yes. The financial aspects are concerning and could potentially go either way with either option, but maintaining direct democratic control over a natural monopoly like a public waste water utility is important to me and citizens who come after me. Yet the biggest concern I have is how the City and Council have conducted themselves in the process, and their position should lose handily if the electorate holds similar concerns about maintaining a democracy and independent civil service.

From subcontracting robocalls to Republicans, to distributing a partisan Voter Information Card, the City has lost a lot of respect of a lot of people in the past months.

Voter info card in Ward 1

Voter info card in Ward 1


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