Airport Pushes for Buses from #YQRcc

However, the Mayor pushes back, asking what is the Airport willing to do to get bus service from Regina Transit. This struggle has been going on for more than a decade, and this Mayor doesn’t appear to be the one willing to put service for airport passengers and employees ahead of old jurisdictional money squabbles.

CTV has the story Regina airport looks into shuttle service.

With the closest bus stop more than 1km away from the terminal, and no sidewalk, people are stuck driving or taking cabs. People with transit passes get no service when one-way trips happen the most often (to an airport). Jim Hunter says the YQR airport is looking at what the GTH is using, First Bus, the white school bus shuttles for their employees.

RQHR gave up on City Council and Regina Transit, and tried to go it alone instead. The transit system to the airport will become much stronger if we make it part of Regina Transit and open it to all Regina residents and visitors.


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