Transportation Theft

Many people take auto theft very seriously. SGI sure does. The Crown Corporation even manages to direct Regina Police Service to “blitz” certain crimes on certain days in attempts to deter auto crimes of various sorts. Task forces to deal with auto thefts have been used in Regina’s history. Remember the Oldsmobile Gang(s)?

Why don’t police take bike theft more seriously? It’s hampering the ability of uncounted people to rely on bikes as their primary form of transportation. This isn’t a problem unique to Regina, but the second-rate attention to bike crime over auto crime does impact the ability of people to get to work, school, recreation, and more.

Think about historically how theft was dealt with. Anything from losing a hand to losing a neck.

Obviously we can’t be hanging bike thieves, or car thieves, but should bike theft be treated as an unsolvable crime unless the person is caught in the act of sawing a lock, while car thefts get a task force and bait cars set up?

Imagine your car was stolen. How would you get to work that morning you go outside to learn your car isn’t there? What would you do to replace the car? Would you bother if you assume it will just be stolen again and the police won’t be able to find it for you, and won’t even attend the scene of the crime to look for clues? Wouldn’t it be easier to just give up on buying cars and start using bikes instead (oh wait, they get stolen without a realistic chance of recovery also, scratch that idea…). Time to invest in a horse?


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