Mayor Fougere Robocalls Regina #YQRcc #P3 #WWTP #VoteNo

Regina’s Mayor sent out a robocall on Tuesday evening to landline phones in Regina. Here’s a recording of that call:

It includes the Mayor’s phone number at City Hall 777-7339, and street address of City Hall, to comply with CRTC rules. He is also touting the apparent “financial” beneift of a P3. Here’s how the Globe and Mail, a newspaper that supports the Conservative government in Ottawa pushing this P3 plan, reports on the financial aspect:

Governments like them because they push spending down the road, pointed out business professor Aidan Vining of Simon Fraser University, who argued in a recent study with University of British Columbia business professor Anthony Boardman that taxpayers are too often getting a raw deal.

“They get a service now and they get someone to pay for it later,” Prof. Vining said. “From a political perspective, there’s always an advantage to that.”

Governments are essentially “renting money” they could borrow more cheaply on their own because it’s politically expedient to defer expenses and avoid debt, Prof. Boardman added. P3 has become a “slogan” with often dubious benefits, he said.

So, the “financial” benefit from the Mayor and Council’s perspective is apparent: They deliver service now, and they get “someone” [you and your kids] to pay for it later [when they are long gone out of office].

The Mayor wants you to bind you and your children for 30 years to a contract, while making the dubious claim that the City “will always own and operate the plant”. P3s don’t work that way, that’s not their intention. If the City was to operate the plant, there’d be no profits for the private partner to deliver to their shareholders, because publicly owned utilities are not intended to generate profit, they are intended to save taxpayers money. Public ownership also gives the City ownership over the plant, and the P3 does not, because it quite plainly is not the purpose of a P3 to have the public partner retain real ownership as a citizen would recognize “owning”.

For infomation on the #VoteYes campaign being organized by citizens and Regina Water Watch, check out their Twitter feed.


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