Mayor’s Plan Doesn’t Fix Congested Downtown Traffic #YQRcc

Mayor Fougere has recently explained to the people of Regina that even though Council disagrees with what people are saying, that doesn’t mean they are not listening. I’d suggest their listening is dependent upon who is doing the talking. I’ve spent years explaining to Council how they can fix downtown congestion. The Mayor’s and Councillor Burnett’s latest proposal to ban buses from downtown was not among the options, nor should it be.

In fact, the Mayor’s traffic proposal makes me cray-cray-crazyyyyyy (with extra ‘y’s). It’s so backwards, I’d have thought I’d slipped into the Mirror universe where Fougere has a goatee and I have a Hummer, if I hadn’t accepted that our Mayor has no real desire to address congestion. He simply wants to make it possible for people to park cars as cheaply as possible. This has the unintended effect of creating the situation where people will get to ‘park’ in the middle of the street, several times on their way to a destination, also known as traffic jams.

Sincere, researched efforts to reduce downtown congestion would include more significantly supporting car sharing, public transit, cycling, and market-priced parking. He could read
Turning Small Change Into Big Changes, to learn how to make Downtown more vibrant, by raising parking rates in some locations.

Regina meter

It’s a scene likely familiar to many: drivers circling the block downtown, hoping to score that perfect spot in front of their destination. Or, for that matter, any spot in the vicinity.

Robert Carlson often employs the strategy when searching for on-street parking near the Cornwall Centre. The Cathedral resident says the dearth of available parking keeps him away from the downtown core.

“It’s to the point now where there’s so much congestion, it’s very hard to park,” he said Tuesday on his way to the downtown shopping centre. “If you keep circling, you’ll maybe find a spot, but it’s very doubtful. If there was better parking, I would come downtown more.”

We can cut down on cruising, by increasing parking meter fees. Read Cruising for Parking by Donald Shoup, to understand why downtown is clogged at rush hours. Private cars are trying to act like taxis, except without designated or sufficient spots for them to do so, so they cruise around jamming things up.

The Mayor and Councillor Burnett are WASTING the administration’s time investigating this ridiculous notion. The answer? It won’t make anything better, not even for cars which is the stated aim.

It’s so bad, Saskatoon is chortling at us.

Wait, “alternate universe”? Maybe our space-time continuum isn’t stable in Regina. The Mayor’s latest traffic scheme sure isn’t designed for this universe.


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