Rooming Houses Public Feedback

Dear City of Regina,

Regarding your request for feedback at a Public Meeting on Wednesday July 10th, my support is for Option 1, in the style of Calgary, where there is no extra regulation for homeowners who choose to rent to roommates. This will be the best way to increase safe and affordable housing, as it will limit the profitability that would come from illegally chopping up a house into non-permitted bedrooms. The recent negative focus from some of my fellow Reginans on “Rooming Houses” is an effort to crack down on rental houses chopped up into too many extra unsafe bedrooms, and the bylaw doesn’t even deal with those situations. They’ve ended up inciting punishment upon people who are helping to alleviate the problem of scarce housing availability.

Enforce the existing fire, noise, litter, and construction permit bylaws, and don’t inhibit homeowners by adding a layer of bureaucracy to casually renting to roommates, and temporary and infrequent boarders like those attending Grey Cup or other special events.

Regulations in Options 2 and 3 will only become as bizarre and problematic as the ’92 Rooming House definition has become now (and may start out that way also).

John Klein


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