City of Regina Enhances Housing Crisis #YQRcc – UPDATED

Watch this CTV News report about “Rooming Houses”.

A lawyer in Regina posted this to their social media:

WOW! A homeowner cannot have roommates because of… parking??? City hall is living in an alternate universe. What a ridiculous bylaw.

It’s a part of a bylaw that needs to be amended this month. In a time of less than 1% rental vacancy, the City of Regina cracks down on… safe places to rent. As the Mayor prepares to host a “housing summit” the City launches an effort to crack down on affordable housing in order to satisfy the parking fantasies of a few well-off people living in quarter-million dollar homes. This is not the sort of heartless city I think Regina should be.

This bylaw hurts people living in our City right now. If the City and some residents are really concerned about parking problems, fix Regina Transit now. If the City wants to create a need to find thousands of people new accommodations within three weeks from today, then proceed with enforcing this ridiculous bylaw.

UPDATE: The Mayor backs off, and says he regrets the Administration sent out four threatening letters about what they viewed as illegal Rooming Houses. A review is underway until at least July.


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