Design Regina – Culture Planning for #YQRcc

Tuesday evening about a hundred people gathered at the Conexus Arts Centre to discuss Regina’s culture, and how to ensure it thrives in the Official Community Plan’s outcomes.

People were greeted by two young people, and beautiful music. And gargoyles.
Design Regina - Culture

There’s another session on Thursday coming up for “stakeholders”. The general public can still email in responses.

Design Regina - Culture

I ended up in the local neighbourhood culture room. A lack of common space is a hinderance to building culture and community. Roads are an often used public space, but people cannot communicate while on a road, if they are in a single occupant vehicle. Accomodating cars can be a real hinderance to changing Regina’s culture to better serve people instead.

Design Regina - Culture
There was a decided lack of young people there. No one was in their teenage years, or early twenties in my room, and no teens at all at the entire event. Few comments about needing skate parks are likely to have been recorded. I did bring up the need for swimming pools, and possibly more of them, but don’t know if it got recorded/captured in the City’s note taking.

Design Regina - Culture
Culture of biking. Walkability.

Design Regina - Culture
Access to local stores is vital. Without a business in a neighbourhood, that can be passed onto the next generation, neighbourhoods change as a generation leaves.

Design Regina - Culture
Community Gardens promote sharing.

Design Regina - Culture
Combine senior homes with kindergartens.

Design Regina - Culture

My notes with some keywords included:
Bike culture
Connect neighbourhoods
storefront activity
Community Associations
Schools, Community buildings (with bulletin boards), gardens, libraries,
Pools, sports grounds
Age friendly communities, wheelchair accessible

Measure success by guaging the happiness of children. If there is low vandalism, that’s another sign of good culture and strong community.

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