Ruffling Some Transit Feathers at #YQRcc

Here are the notes I used, and they are in the video, as are questions and answers from the committee members.

“If we want people to switch to transit, which I do, (I think 4% usage is excessively low) then what we’re planning for has to be different from what we’re doing now. It can’t be the same to get a different result. What the report has suggested is that we can do more with the same amount of money. And I think that is overly optimistic, even delusional.”

They weren’t too impressed when I suggested that their approach, which is expecting Transit to improve with no additional money, is “delusional”. I wanted to use stronger words. I only regret its use if it prevents Council from recognizing the absurd situation, where there is no urgent action to curb greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also no way to deal with the parking and traffic problems that will only grow worse this year.

As I explained to Councillor Young after, I was inspired by the Einstein quote that says to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result, is called “insanity”.


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