Route Review Form Responses

Here’s what I provided as form responses to the City. The page after I pressed submit did not say if they were saved, but I assume they work because it showed the text as repeated back to me, no longer in a text entry box.

Your postal code, no spaces (identifies which area of the city you live in)
UofR area

What do you like about the proposed changes? Why?
I like the Albert St. and Victoria Express routes, because they will be easy to use and can help provide consistent and predictable service for a specific, well known area throughout most of the day. I think there should be express routes serving Broad St. and Dewdney Ave. also. Arcola Ave. potentially too.
The Express bus numbers must look very different, ### instead of two digit. Perhaps 101 for Albert St. and 100 for Victoria Ave (east-west, even numbers). Different colour also, and some TV/radio marketing to make their purpose and different stop locations known.

What do you dislike about the proposed changes? Why?
-There is little new service because it must take from elsewhere due to no significant increase in the number of buses in the fleet. As a result, service after 9pm isn’t convenient, and Sunday service is not sufficiently similar to other days for people to rely upon the bus all week long.

-Bus numbers for express routes should be 3 digits (as described above).

-Airport: Why is there still no service to the airport? This is a huge black-mark on our city from the perspective of tourists who do not prefer cabs, cannot drive, and do not have family/friends picking them up. What sort of world class city doesn’t have buses/shuttles, or even a sidewalk away from their in-town airport? There are employees who work at the airport, and surrounding businesses who deserve service too.

“Public transit isn’t a luxury; it is the key to a strong economy. Without efficient, affordable transportation, the movement of people and goods in Canada’s cities will grind to a halt.” —Berry Vrbanovic, President, FCM

-Could service be increased enough so the RQRHA doesn’t feel it requires its own employee-only shuttle service and park-and-ride?

-Although not a part of the route review, I think the extra cameras and microphones on the buses are a waste of money, and provide no practical increase in driver or passenger safety. As another negative, it increases the potential for security-state advances in our society.

Would the proposed changes satisfy your needs? Why/why not?
Not completely. An express route from the UofR to downtown is great, and should run most of the day, not end at 5:30. It should also extend to at least Dewdney Ave. and Broad St., since there are many bars on Dewdney Ave. that people in Hillsdale area want to visit. If a bus doesn’t run late enough into the night, then it can’t be relied upon for a return trip, so I may choose not to go out at all, especially if it’s Winter and I can’t easily bike or walk home.

-TransitLive should automatically detect location of the mobile, then suggest stops and ETAs for next buses. Then it should let people customize what they are searching for.

I need the bus to provide a reliable, predictable replacement for a private automobile, every day of the year. This new plan does not approach that, although it does have a few welcome changes. I’ve expanded on my comments here, if you would care for more detail and rationalizations for them:

Provide thought and/or comments on the map (if the paper version this may make more sense):
The map is not detailed enough, and confusing areas like the #4 at UofR should have blown up sections that clearly show which side of the street is serviced by the bus, and which direction it leaves for. It’s not intuitive when the bus needs to loop around, and guessing when the bus will appear is more difficult from paper schedules when the route changes from weekday to evening, or weekend.

-Buses should have stations they gather at where it’s safe for people to walk to buses going in other directions, without the danger of passing auto transport on the street.

-It would be nice to have more printed stop times posted at more bus shelters. TransitLive is not easy to access when away from a full featured computer.

-The map looks full of routes, but it’s deceptively, sparsely serviced by buses at most times of the day and evening because of “peak hour” buses. This makes it impractical to use these buses for anything other than commuting to then from a home and workplace, and eliminates the possibility a rider can use it reliably as a replacement for an automobile, so they’re more likely to keep their car and less likely to depend on Regina Transit.


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