Prepared For Growth?

UPDATE: An edited version appeared in the Leader Post Letters section.

I’m very disappointed in this Leader-Post editorial. It started out great, with facts and good historical background of Regina Transit. Then the wheels came off the bus. Why the Leader Post editorial board isn’t a “proponent of improved transit” is baffling. It’s win-win to have better transit, from practically every single perspective.

[emphasis mine]
“Proponents of improved transit say buses are a much cheaper option than running a vehicle and if more Reginans used them it would reduce traffic congestion and parking problems – particularly downtown. It would also reduce pollution, they say.

They may be right, but like it or not, here’s the reality…”, then they launched into the present situation, but not “reality”. The reality was touched upon earlier, by correctly stating that “The population is also growing, so it’s important the City of Regina provide the very best transit service it can.”

If Regina is to properly prepare for becoming a larger city, it has to have a larger transit system, period. That’s the reality. Can you realistically jam 5000 more private cars into downtown Regina? Could you even fit 500?

The editors speak of transit subsidization, without also pointing out that transit subsidizes private and public workplaces.

It’s a public service that gets people to work, and keeps the economy moving so hours a week aren’t wasted by people stuck in traffic and looking for vacant parking spots.

I’d have to guess that the editor is among the 95/100 Reginans who don’t regularly take the bus, or think about how important public transit is to keeping this city drivable with an almost perfect rush hour. If you want Regina’s downtown to die off completely, keep pushing the idea that transit doesn’t have to grow to catch up to our grown population, then prepare for more growth even still. You can use your time stuck on Arcola Ave. or Albert St. downtown during rush hour twice a day, to think about that… because you can’t read the newspaper like you could on the bus.


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