Petition Requesting Improved Bus Service for Regina

bus card You can now print and sign a petition to request City Council improve Regina Transit so many more people choose to use the bus. The petition launches today, February 5th, 2013, and there are a maximum of 90 days for us to collect as many signatures as we can. There’s no referendum being sought; the petition is to demonstrate to City Council that Reginans supports fixing public transportation, because it will improve the lives of everyone, both car drivers and bus riders.

Here are some comments about Regina Transit:

I mean, the solution to all my transit system woes is buses that come more often and when they’re supposed to.

That’s from  of Prairie Dog Magazine.

With business activity in the downtown increasing, so that the downtown workforce is expected to grow by 5000 in the next few years, it’s imperative that transit use rise beyond its traditional five per cent or so of the population to prevent even more gridlock and parking chaos than already exists in the downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods during peak traffic periods.

That’s  also of Prairie Dog Magazine, explaining that investing millions of dollars more into Regina Transit is a solution, not a problem for our Councillors to ignore. Council can fix downtown traffic/parking congestion, and take a big step toward reducing climate changing pollution by sufficiently funding Regina Transit for our growing city.

Today is the last “Open House” to give feedback in person to city staff, before the budget council meeting later this month:
February 5th – U of R Riddell Centre (10:00 am – 2:00 pm)

Residents can also go online to view the map and submit comments electronically. Feedback brochures will be available at all open houses, the Info Centre and Transit Operations Centre. Any completed brochures can submitted by:
Mail: Regina Transit
In Person: Transit Information Centre and Transit Operations Centre
Fax: 949-7211 (Attn: Route Review)

The deadline for completed forms is February 15th.
After the deadline, administration will analyse the comments and make changes to the proposed routes as necessary. Changes are anticipated to take effect July 2013. The proposed system map and all necessary information will be available at Customers can call Service Regina, 777-7000, for any questions they may have.

The feedback form should be completed, but please also sign the bus petition.


Pat Book of CJME reported the following:

“The 2013 preliminary budget has over $24 million going into transit but the report says that isn’t enough to reach [an] ideal level.

“We do not have the buses or the budget to have that kind of system,” confirmed transit business development manager Nathan Luhning in an interview Thursday. “We would probably need an additional 27 buses (an estimated $500,000 each) and approximately $5 mil in operating funds per year to achieve that kind of service.”
“A new report looking at short-term improvements to the transit system cautions it will take “many decades” for the City of Regina to reach an ideal level of service.”
“Luhning says staff feel good about the proposal but they want to get input from transit users to make sure they’re on the right track. But council has already got input from one Reginan. John Klein, who ran for city council in last year’s election, made a presentation at Monday’s meeting calling on the City to make a bigger investment in transit. Klein, who is an avid transit user and the president of the Regina Car Share Co-Operative, claimed in his notes that 82 per cent of the city’s commuting trips are by “single occupant private vehicles” and he feels that number has to change.

“It’s admirable that our city’s route improvement plan thus far aims not to increase costs in delivery, yet I feel that’s an unrealistic objective if we sincerely want to improve the system,” he stated during the meeting. “We are presently getting what we pay for and even dedicated users have harsh constructive criticism to share.”

We don’t have “many decades” to reduce our pollution, and we must prepare for a city with even more people in cars looking to travel then park downtown. Downtown is not getting more space, and streets are not getting wider, so making transit great is the best all-around solution!

Proposed route changes.
Transit service on holidays report.


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