Regina Transit Route Redesign

Regina Transit has completed an initial phase of redesigning bus routes in the city. Some of the changes I agree with, such as eliminating the different Sunday routes, by using the Saturday and weekday routes instead. There’s still a long way to go, and I intend to present these additional ideas at City Council over the coming months, including this Monday January 28th, 2013’s City Council meeting.

Delegation 2013 January 28

I’ll soon be posting a petition you can download then print. I want to collect hundreds of signatures from people who also want to encourage City Hall to rapidly improve our public transit service. It’s the most effective way to reduce traffic congestion, and parking difficulties downtown and at the University. If you consider that there are only two practical options to solving the parking problem downtown, then it’s a choice between either building more parking space, or adding more buses so more people will choose the convenience of transit. Since adding more parking space does nothing to improve traffic congestion, unsightliness of downtown, or reduce air pollution, transit is instead the obvious choice.


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