Stadium AKA RRI

Regina Revitalization Initiative (RRI) could address a lot more than the replacement of Taylor Field. Shawn Fraser pointed out that Calgary and Edmonton are cities roughly 5 times as populous as Regina, and we sometimes have a chip on our shoulder, and want to prove to them we can punch above our weight class. Regina’s problems are more in line with small cities like Prince Albert and Moose Jaw, than Calgary, however.

circa 1978

circa 1978

Is the money really there for a new stadium without significantly raising property taxes and/or taking money from more vital public services and infrastructure? Shawn shares the doubt most Reginans familiar with City finances feel, even though he admits he’d enjoy a shiny new facility.

Questions happened next. Chad Novak rambled a little, but then got to a question. I caught a few other questions also on film. CTV or some TV crew looked like it was there, so they may have a summary later tonight.

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