Around Regina

What’s been happening in Regina lately? It’s hard not to notice the #IdleNoMore protests and marches through the city. Organized in Saskatchewan, and kicked off a couple weeks ago by a prayer gathering at the Legislature, the movement is now world-wide, calling for justice and an improved peaceful dialog with First Nations and the Canadian government (among other related issues).

There have been speakers from three political parties at the rallies, but no Conservative speaker has offered thus far to speak out against the undemocratic omnibus bills recently passed in the House of Commons.


On a purely local note, Regina awaits improvement in public transit. There is a route review underway at City Hall, so please stay in touch if you’d like to see transit be made to work for you. Presently fewer than 5% of regular commuting trips are made by bus in our city, so it won’t be hard to improve service to serve more than three times as many people. We can make that happen by late next year by adding express bus routes on major streets, that can cut through rush-hour jams, and be available during most of the night and all day.

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