Results In #YQRvotes

The election results are in, electronically counted, and delayed by long lines at polls (good interest) and overwhelmed technology at City Hall. Councillor-elect Dr. Young is the new Ward 1 Councillor, and I congratulate her and her supporters for their victory. I’d like to also thank my wife and extended family who’ve been very supportive during my campaign. My campaign team, friends, and new friends have all made this an enjoyable and uplifting experience. I would certainly do it again, even knowing the result, because it’s valuable experience helping to engage and inspire my neighbours to make improvements in our city.

To get back to blogging a bit more, here are some of my perspectives on the numbers as they’ve turned out:
I’m pleased I surpassed the ten percent vote cutoff by achieving 11.7% and more than 700 votes. If my vote count had been counted in the mayor’s race with ten times the voters to draw on, I’d have finished fifth. As it was, I was third of seven in Ward 1, behind the well known Dr. Young (elected to school board previously) and Mr. Kuster who has run for Council twice before. I’m also surprised to see many incumbent Councillors returned to Council. I’m pleased with the result in Ward 3 where my friend Shawn Fraser was soundly elected in the city’s other hotly contested Ward race.

So, where to from here? On to solving the problems in our city with no less determination, or support, only less power to do so immediately. Life’s challenges will be overcome because they must. That’s just life, and life is good. Every thing else is just a bonus. Today was going to mean changes win or lose, because every day is like that whether we notice or not.

P.S. For Your Interest, here are results for Saskatoon and Moose Jaw.


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