Ward 1 Candidate Forum

Monday, October 15, 2012, join me at the All Saints’ Anglican Church hall on Massey Rd., 7:00 p.m.

The Moderator for the event will be Dr. Lee Ward, a Poli Sci prof from Campion College. Please come early so we can start on time.
Below is the format of the event.

Every candidate will get 5 minutes up front to state their position.

Questions from the audience. ALL questions to be written down on a piece of paper (we need paper/pen at this event) by anyone wishing to ask a question. Moderator will choose/present the questions to only 3 of the candidates. Maximum 2 minutes for responses. There are too many candidates for everyone
to answer every question. Those who do not get a chance to answer a question, will be able to answer the question as part of their 3 minutes for the closing statements.

When there are no more questions, each candidate will get 3 minutes to wrap up their statements.

I’m excited to participate in my first debate/forum with questions from an audience of politically engaged citizens.

On Saturday I had the privilege of co-leading a workshop on social media use in activism for the Get Active With Amnesty conference at Luther College (UofR).


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