CP Land Purchase Questioned #YQRvotes

Below is my recent letter to current Ward 1 Councillor Louis Browne.

Hi Louis,

I see that tonight is the vote on a CP Rail land purchase. I urge you to vote against purchase of the property if it does not require CP to first return the land to its original condition before railway development. This will protect the municipality from cleanup liability which could be as high as $1 Billion (given information provided to me by a Ward 1 resident who has examined PCB cleanup requirements for that land.) The $2.1M figure the city is planning to spend on cleanup is naive, and questionable since CP is responsible for at least part of the contamination. There is so much at risk tonight, and so little to gain by pushing the RRI ahead by removing liability from CP.

Thanks for your attention,
John Klein

Louis responded that he’s in favour of the RRI, and the most contaminated lands are not included in this sale.

Here is the City’s statement, available already.


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