Fixing Potholes

If you head down Broad St. into Ward 1, you’ve probably noticed the construction on Wascana Parkway adjacent to the University, during July and August. The intersection at Kramer Blvd. and Wascana Parkway has had fatal collisions at it previously, so it’s a relief additional attention is being paid to it this year. If Grant Rd. and Grant Dr. could just be bumped a few notches higher on the repair/resurfacing list, I know a few thousand people who would appreciate the improved drive to and from wherever they want to go. If I tried to list the streets in Ward 1 that need resurfacing or leveling, we’d be here writing and reading for a while.

It’s practically cliche for a politician to say they’re going to fix the pot holes, but I really want road maintenance to be caught up so it’s easier to repair broken pavement before the road beneath it is structurally damaged. You’ve possibly heard the story of the sinkhole on Victoria Ave. from just a few months ago. We don’t want the same potentially deadly situation to unfold in south Regina either. Our work crews already do a good job, so with a little more resources put into street repair, we can make sure there aren’t streets out there stopping us from saying they’ve done a great job.


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