Regina City Council gets it wrong again on the recycling program

(Press Release sent out yesterday)

Regina, SK – Regina City Council got it wrong again last night on the proposed recycling program. Ward 1 candidate John Klein says Council still didn’t change the wording about taxing for recycling instead of waste. Klein thinks this mistake is foolish and needs to be corrected, “the proposed program is about recycling and reusing resources, not garbage. This could create serious misconceptions by the public about the true nature of the program.” Klein urges Council to reword the explanation about the program so that the public fully understands what is being proposed.

“It isn’t a matter of educating the public any longer. We all know it’s good to recycle. Every school child could explain this to their parent. It’s about making the service available to everyone, quickly.” Klein notes that it’s possible for people to reduce their waste, and as a result reduce their tax bill. If the program’s focus is to charge for recycling and not waste, then there is less incentive for people to use the correct service. The City of Edmonton makes millions of dollars in profit each year from diverting wasted resources away from their landfill, and Regina could be doing the same by next year.


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