June City Council Meeting

At tonight’s city council meeting, there were several development projects up for discussion, as well as waste water, and waste management. The last item, the recycling program, Council got wrong again even after several Councillors like Clipsham, O’Donnell, and Murray made impassioned pleas to fix last year’s description of the program as introducing fees for “recycling” instead of fees for “waste”.  Obviously it’s better to charge people for wasting resources, than it is to charge them for reducing consumption and recycling, yet Council narrowly stayed with the flawed description. Szarka and Findura also voted in favour of Clipsham’s amendments to the proposed bylaw changes.

With a fee for wasting resources, people have an option to save money, while doing the responsible thing. It’s not a matter of education any longer, it’s a matter of providing the service. We need action! North Battleford has curb side recycling implemented already. Saskatoon is ahead of us as well. People from elsewhere in Canada are mystified that Regina doesn’t have convenient curbside recycling available for everyone. I pay $93/year to a local recycling company for bi-weekly curbside pickup, but none of my neighbours in ~160 units make the same minimal effort. They know it would be good, but they are waiting for our city government to lead the way.

During Council meetings, you may follow my live notes on Twitter @johnkleinregina. Here are some highlights from tonight:

Your “second chance” is coming October 24, 2012 when you can elect me, and new Councillors who understand how vital it is that we quickly get our city’s waste under control. We can profit from discarded resources and preserve resources for our children and future generations. Garbage has been a misused resource, and millions of dollars are being buried at our landfill each year, instead of creating more jobs and less pollution.


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